Welcome to the Great Sky Hoa, Canton, GA

Welcome to the Great Sky HOA Canton, GA Community


Great Sky
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2555 Westside Parkway
Suite 600
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Main Phone: 678-297-9566
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Main Contact:
Julie Porche ext. #269

Secondary Contact:
Laurea Larrabee ext. #169

Sewer Pump Grinders
Water Resource


Grinder Pump Do's
& Don'ts and WRT Blanket Service Agreement

e-one Corp. Grinder Pump
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upon request

Mailbox Replacement
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The Great Sky HOA
Advisory Committee now
have their own email addresses!

Advisory Committee


Please email any issues to
the appropriate committee.
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The attached
information supplied
by Waste Management
Co. about the Guidelines
on Household Waste has
been posted here for your
information. Just "click"
on the blue set of words

Holiday Garage Pick-
up Interruptions

Household Waste

Here is a quick one minute read on
How Wasteful the
Older Generation was.....!!!

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"Dog Days of summer":
The Meaning of the Phrase

People around the world use the term "Dog Days" in different ways, usually as a reference to hot weather. It comes from the Dog Star, Sirius, which is part of the constellation Canis Major. Each summer between July and August the constellation appears in the northern hemisphere during what is usually the hottest time of the summer. You would also be correct to refer to the Dog Days as the "canicular days". Sirius is often seen as a twinkling star of different changing colors. The appearance of color is a rainbow effect caused as the light passes through the earth's atmosphere, similar to a rainbow.
Ancient astronomers used the constellations to guide them through the seasons as well as for navigational charts for land and sea. The star named Sirius (the Dog Star) in Canis Major is quite visible in the night sky. Dog Days are named for the appearance of the Dog Star on the eastern horizon. It is the brightest star in Canis Major and is easily recognizable with the naked eye. Depending on which hemisphere you are in and your latitude, the Dog Days occurs at slightly different times. Ancient Egyptians believed that Sirius had an effect on life here on earth, partly because the regular annual rising of Sirius coincided with the days just before the flooding of the Nile River. They watched for the star to mark the coming of the floods, and they used the rising of Sirius to mark the first day of their year. Some say that our New Year's Eve actually marks the return of Sirius to the mid-sky alignment, and that this is the historical reason for the celebration at midnight January 1, since it has been an important ritual celebration date for cultures dating from before the Roman calendar was in use. Ancient Greeks and other civilizations of the early eras offered sacrifices to the star. Ancient coins excavated from the island of Ceos were struck with impressions of dogs and stars with rays emanating from them, which historians believe illustrates the significance of Sirius.
Now if you haven’t had enough then you can read farther……..it is not really recommended though!!
It is interesting to note that Sirius is a binary star system, meaning that there are two stars in the system. The brighter of the stars, which is called Sirius A, is over ten times as bright as our sun and has about three times the mass. Modern astronomers tell us that Sirius is only 8.6 light years away from earth, and moving closer to earth at a speed of several thousand miles per hour. Because Sirius is moving directly towards earth, it creates an axis of rotation that remains constant in relation to the stars from wherever our viewpoint is on earth. So Sirius' visibility as it rises on the earth's eastern horizon exactly corresponds to the earth's rotation of 365.25 days. If you live in a region where Sirius is visible, you will see it on the same date each year in the same part of the sky, although the dates/sky position will differ slightly depending on your location and latitude. Every year Sirius becomes brightly visible on the eastern horizon on the same days in each region. But if you live above 74 degrees latitude, which is much of North America and Europe, you won't see much of Sirius because its position is below your horizon. Although they appear as one bright star in the sky, the second star in the binary system, Sirius B (also called "The Pup"), orbits Sirius A in an elliptical pattern. Even though it is a dead star, or a "white dwarf", Sirius B spins at an incredible 23 times per minute on its axis. This rate of spin creates an incalculable amount of magnetic pull. As Sirius B reaches its periastron, or the period of closest connection between the two stars, it is estimated that there are immeasurable amounts of visible light, ultraviolet light, gamma rays, x rays, and electromagnetic radiation produced in the Sirius system. Whether or not there are effects from the periastron here on earth, and just what those effects may be, is a mystery.
I warned you not to read further!!!
Perhaps it is a mystery best pondered from a lawn chair under a clear July night sky...


The Great Sky Homeowners Association, Inc.
(HOA) has installed a 8-channel NVR, digital color
security camera system with a 1TB hard drive
and 8 megapixel cameras with IR and HD
resolution.  These cameras are positioned to monitor each entrance to the clubhouse (including the roadway), each pool and the slide (including the entrance gates to the pool area), the children's lot, tennis courts, and parking lot area. The HOA intends to post signs indicating that the clubhouse and amenity
areas are under surveillance.
These security cameras will be utilized to support local authorities in the prosecution of any crimes committed at or around the Great Sky Clubhouse.  Further, the HOA has authorized the City of Canton Police Department to deal with any trespassers on its grounds. 

The Hickory Log Creek Reservoir
is now open to the public
See announcement & restrictions HERE

You might have notice new LAKE BUOYS that
have reappeared in the HLC Reservoir.
To help understand these buoys CLICK HERE

See how The Hickory Log Creek Reservoir will
affect the Great Sky community once it is full.
This reservoir is for canoes and kayaking
enthusiasts as well as for
those who like to fish. See the Great
Sky Master Plan by clicking here.

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If you would like to try the Soleil Weather
Station for a more accurate
report here in
the Great Sky Area


This Month's Famous Quote:

I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.
~Charles de Gaulle~

Just a Fun

When you think about summer, what comes to mind? The long, hot, sticky days during the summer make it some people's favorite season. For others, thoughts of summer are associated with foods, like ice cream and barbaques. Did you know that the biggest ice cream sundae ever assembled was 12 feet high and made with over 4,500 gallons of ice cream?

The first Father's Day was observed in 1910, on June 19. It wasn't until 1972 that President Richard Nixon signed legislation making it an official holiday on the third Sunday in June

A cubic mile of ordinary fog contains less than a gallon of water.

An inch of rain water is equivalent to 15 inches of dry, powdery snow.

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